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Thread: totem addon question. Reply With Quote. Re: totem addon question flototem has been broken since 3. I personally use Totem Timers now Was that uninformative and anticlimactic enough? Re: totem addon question I use TotemTimers, it's a great addon. It has a lot of extra features and is fairly well-maintained. Re: totem addon question TotemTimers definately it fairly customisable as well so if youre like me and like to build uis its friendly for that.

Re: totem addon question TotemGuru ftw. Re: totem addon question. Originally Posted by stevos. What's wrong with flototembar and call of elements? I use both and they seem to work fine? I use Flo for quickly grabbing a totem for putting onto my action bars and i use CoE to manage the timers. Re: totem addon question Nope, just works. Sure you installed the latest version?

Re: totem addon question My FTB keeps resetting its size. Re: totem addon question Another plug for Totem Timers - works right out of the box and couldn't be easier to use. Originally Posted by MarcM Another plug for Totem Timers - works right out of the box and couldn't be easier to use. All times are GMT. The time now is PM. Social Media. Services My Account. Resources Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Ads by Fandom.Warlocks are a class of far too many key bindings and niche spells for niche situations.

Having a solid knowledge of macros will help you intelligently combine multiple actions to a single key, increase your responsiveness to emergent situations, and, to an extent, automate tedious tasks. My goal with this document is not only to list out what I have found to be the most commonly employed warlock macros, but to give you enough information so that you can begin to modify and even write your own macros going forward.

For this reason, I strongly encourage you not to simply copy and paste these macrosand instead hope that you try to understand what the syntax means. This document was originally written for the Classic Warlock Discord. Credits to DiveAnilusion There you can write, edit, and store macros either for your entire account if the macro is useful for multiple characters or for just the current character if you have a class-specific macro, for example.

Then you will have to give the macro a name and an icon. This icon is special, because it will adapt to the functionality of the macro. It will automatically attempt to find the appropriate icon based on the action performed by the macro.


You might not think this is very useful, since you could have just had the spell on your action bar in place of the macro. This macro will automatically use the highest rank of the spell!

As you level, you will never need to replace Demon Armor with the new rank; just use this macro and you will automatically have the highest-rank spell available. Macros are only useful if they save you time, key presses, or action bar slots. Getting the most out of a macro means having a basic knowledge of what a macro can do. This is called a conditional and it modifies the nature of the action being performed. Here are some of the basic actions a macro can perform:. You can have the sequence reset upon special circumstances.

Here is the focus of the guide portion of this document. Target tags can be chained together as well. These conditionals completely change the function of the macro when a modifier-key is held before pressing the key of the original macro. You must unbind the modified key combination to use these.

Classic WoW Enhancement Shaman PvE Guide

These conditionals change the function of the macro depending on which demon you currently have summoned. These are also self-explanatory. You might find several useful. Uses the item in the slot number number.

Feel free to add mouseover conditions and such to this! Skip to content Warlocks are a class of far too many key bindings and niche spells for niche situations. Now try something more useful. A More Useful Macro Macros are only useful if they save you time, key presses, or action bar slots. Probably going to be your most-used type of macro command.

flo totem bar classic wow

Will induce a second cooldown on items with a Use effect.The shaman Totem Bar was released in Patch 3. The Totem Bar shows up in the bottom left corner of the screen, where pet bars can normally be found for Hunters and Warlocks. The bar consists of up to six buttons, five of which can be changed via drop menu. Upon level 30 shamans can learn the first "set spell" Call of the Elements ; there other spells are: Call of the Ancestors and Call of the Spirits.

This adds a new button before the totem buttons used to select the set spell. The sixth and final button is for Totemic Recallalso learnable at level We wanted to provide some insight regarding the upcoming shaman-specific interface addition, the Totem Bar. Shaman will be able to utilize this new bar to manage their fire, earth, water, and air totems in a more accessible and convenient way.

This bar will appear on the left-hand side above the standard toolbar, similar to warrior stances or druid forms. Clicking the respective button will drop that totem. To the right of the four totems is a button for Totemic Call, which we have renamed Call of Earth. To the left of the four totems is a new ability named Call of Fire which will drop all four totems on the bar at once.

The mana cost is the same as if the shaman dropped all four of the totems one at a time. However, it takes but a single global cooldown. Questing shaman will be able to quickly move their totems of choice forward, while a shaman in an instance, Arena, or Battleground will be able to replace their totems if they have to move or if the totems are destroyed.

Shamans will also be able to customize their bar to set Call of Fire to drop less than four totems if they choose. Access to this functionality is made available at the same level as Call of Earth currently level These function exactly the same as Call of Fire, essentially giving the shaman three different sets of totems that can be placed at once.

New key bindings will also be made available for all of these slots. As with all new content under testing, we want to caution players that, as a new part of the interface, there may be additional changes during the period of the PTR until the release of the Call of the Crusade content patch. We look forward to constructive feedback once it is available for testing. View original post.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The shaman's totem bar The shaman Totem Bar was released in Patch 3. Announcement Edit This is the formal announcement:. As they grow in power, so do the opportunities to use these instruments of healing, protection, and destruction. In the upcoming content patch, Call of the Crusade, the shaman will be able to quickly place totems of each element, aiding them in managing these powerful focuses of nature.

Categories :. Cancel Save.This combo takes advantage of the fact that Wind Shear is not only on a different cooldown to Shocks, but also circumvents global cooldown. Using this macro will both interrupt the target's casting, and cast Purge on them.

Shamans use a lot of action bar space for all of their self-enchants. This macro combines all four weapon enchants into a single button that heaves thus when you click it:. Naturally, spells can be changed around depending on what enchant you like to use. To conserve space in the macro, you don't need the Windfury option until level 30, and at that point you will want to remove Rockbiter from the macro. This simple macro combines a damage-dealing spell with a healing spell.

It will never give you an error message from casting a spell on the wrong target, it saves space on your action bar, and gives you access to two spells at once. You can pair damage dealing spells with healing spells however you want. I prefer to match similar spells together to make it easier to use. This example pairs Lightning Bolt with Healing Wave due to their similar cast times. Another example would be Chain Lightning and Chain Heal which share similar cast times, cooldown, and impact multiple targets.

Depending on your spec and role in a party or raid, you may want the macro to display a tooltip. For example, a healer may want to check how much healing his spell does.

You can add the showtooltip command to display the healing spell during a mouseover, like this:. You could remover the Healing Wave from the showtooltip and the tooltip would change depending on your target, if you have the icon set to the?

Holding the ALT key standard for self-casting will make you cast a heal on yourself. When targeting a friendly target, you will cast a heal. When targeting a harmful target, you will cast a harmful spell, and finally, if you are targeting nothing, you will heal yourself. By default, the icon will change depending on who you're targeting unless you specify which tooltip you would like to show. In this macro, you will always see Lesser Healing Wave unless you're targeting a harmful target. This will now resurect a dead friendly target if you are out of combat, if you are in combat or the target is alive or not friendly, the macro will move on to casting the appropriate spell depending on the target.

Option 2: Set the totem the first time you use the macro and nova the next times. In this case you would put the totem when you left-click the macro, and nova when you right-click it.Forgot your password? Welcome to our Addons guide for Shamans where you will find out what the best addons are for your Shaman in WoW Classic.

These, if properly configured, will also help you understand when you should use some of your defensive totems. If you see poison debuffs being applied on your frames, use Poison Cleansing Totem immediately, for example! We recommend always using the following addons on your character, as they either bring very useful functionalities which cannot be easily passed on or represent significant quality of life increases for your WoW Classic life.

ElvUI Classicjust like its retail counterpart, allows you to replace most elements of the default UI with a customizable, modern set of action bars, unit frames and most other conveniences you can think of. By using ElvUI you can avoid using a lot of other, narrower, addons.

Annoyed by the slow scrolling quest text?

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Struggling to kill enemies of your level due to having red gear because of forgetting to repair? Getting carpal tunnel syndrome due to all the spam clicking to sell your gray items? Or maybe you simply want to know the value of items on your inventory? Leatrix Plus Classic automates these tasks for you and more, such as automatically accepting summons or releasing.

All configurable in case you do not want certain things to be automated. WeaponSwingTimer creates a bar on your screen that tracks the time left until your next auto-attack and that of your target.

Because swing timers can vary immensely depending on your weapon's speed and that of your target, it is often advantageous to run in, get a hit, and run out until your swing timer is ready again! Weak Auras 2 allows you to configure all types of warnings for yourself with a simple user interface. Due to its large user base, there is a huge library of auras already created for you to import at the Wago classic Shaman sectionmake sure to check it out before starting your adventure!

You can get the latest version of Details here. This addon serves as a damage meter, healing meter, dispel meter and death log, all in one! While it is not as complete as a Warcraft Logs parse, it is the closest thing to it. ItemRack allows you to configure and quickly swap between different sets of gear.Each totem timers has a flyout menu. Leftclicking a totem casts that totem. Rightclicking a totem sets that totem as default for the timer, clicking the timer than casts that totem without having to use the menu.

The large icon shows the current active totem, the small icon shows the default totem for a timer. If you rightclick the ankh timer, you can save your current default totems as a set.

flo totem bar classic wow

You then have a menu to switch between sets. You have just downloaded by the author. If you like this AddOn why not consider supporting the author? This author has set up a donation account. Donations ensure that authors can continue to develop useful tools for everyone.

Classic WoW Warlock Macro Guide

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Compatibility: Classic 1. Requires Masque ver. Manual on curse and wowinterface. A rightclick on the multicast button casts Totemic Recall middleclick if menu is set to open on rightclick.

Archived Files 5.

flo totem bar classic wow

File Name. TotemTimers Classic.

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Hey, I was wondering if there was a way for me to add more sound effects for warnings, because the default ones are not good warning sounds. THere's a minor issue with the reincarnation countdown in SetupTrackers. Just need to change: self. So there's another totem timer addon with decent function, what's frustrating to me however is that between this addon and yours, neither have complete totem timers.

This one has grounding pulse timer tracked but no poison cleanse or earthbind. Both addons have their strengths, I think the pulse timers are a bit clearer on samy's addon rather than the green timer bar on the icon itself but samy's is missing all the additional stuff for weapon imbues and reagent timers etc.

Last edited by Darktyrant : at AM.


Pulse timers seem to be working correctly, other totems that pulse that could use pulse timers are Tremor totem 5secGrounding totem 10 secand to a lesser extent, magma totem 2 sec.

Would it be possible to add the option for numerical pulse timers? Basically so while the green ticking animation is going, have a numerical count down, so for example when earthbind is first dropped the tick timer starts at 5 then counts down as the green indicator animates to the top then resets with each pulse.

I understand you said having that layout with the 4 active totems isn't happening given the current set up, but if possible an option to simply disable the drop down portion of the menu would suffice.

Last edited by Darktyrant : at PM. A Defias Bandit. Originally Posted by Darktyrant. Originally Posted by Kligan. And if I may add a suggestion, it would be lovely to have an option to just make it like 4 action bars, one for every totem type, that would show a timer on a totem that is currently active.By MephistoJanuary 29, in Shaman. Only need a couple down not all four but the cast time for more than one can be spent on a spell cast instead. It would be possible to have a macro that you'd press multiple times to drop totems, But nothing like it used to be with all 4 going down together.

Also, keep in mind that most of the totems are situational and incur cool downs that would muck with future placement. Keeping them separate allows you to optimize the situational use of those. Most of the totems that you would have cast in the past are simply passive buffs that you either grant to yourself or to the raid based on the spec you're in.

The totems today are more like cool downs that cause a significant buff for a short duration. Sorry if that's not a great answer but it's just how the class was redesigned. I hated it at first when MoP first launched but today I rather enjoy that style of play. Good luck! Not that it's an add-on to cast them all at once, but check out Flo's Totem Bar add-on it's on curse and it can help you keep them on their own bar and organize them.

Totems like most spells trigger global cooldown so there is simply no way that this can be done. Not by macro, not by mod, not by anything. You can make macro with a cast sequence which allows you to cast one after another with 1 button but casting them would take time and i dont think thats what your asking for. Thanks guy's appreciate the help, will check Flo's out it may be a better way to organise what I want to do. Let me know how it works out for you.

It does take up some screen real estate but overall a good plugin. Side note: Please be careful when posting topics. We do not accept multiple copies of a topic, and I don't like having to delete them. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

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Useful Macros for Shamans

Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Quick totems By MephistoJanuary 29, in Shaman.

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