Looting is the main source for acquiring itemsgear and weapons scattered throughout the Norvinsk region. The stash is a safe location outside of raids for players to store their items.

Depending on the edition of the game purchased, the stash will be a different size. The base stash size can be upgraded in the Hideout up to the max level that EoD has, the level 4 stash. In the future, this will be achievable through quest rewards. Stash space can also be expanded through the use of Containers as they have larger inner dimensions than outer dimensions. The inventory is where players can equip gear and hold items on their PMC. Before going into a raid, you place whatever you want to bring into a raid onto your PMC.

Once in a raid, everything you brought in with the exception of secure containers and their contents, as well as melee weaponscan be lost.

In your inventory, you can equip a primary weaponsecondary weaponsidearmMelee weaponArmor vestsHeadsetHeadwearFace coverArmband and Eyewear. Additionally, you can equip gear that will hold items such as a Chest rigBackpackand Secure containers. If you have a usable item in either your tactical rig or pockets such as a grenademedical itemor magazineit can be equipped on your hotbar and quickly used in a raid.

Secure containers are containers that you can bring into a raid which, along with their contents, will not be lost upon death. Every player starts with a pouch depending on the edition of the game purchased, and all except the Secure container Gamma can be acquired through in-game means. The dealers are who you go to purchase and barter for equipment. Currency and barter items will be taken and deposited into your stash.

Depending on your reputation and trader level, prices may vary. Some dealers also offer Tasks that require you to complete certain objectives. For information about the flea market click here.

These containers have a limited assortment of loot that spawns inside of them when a raid begins. They will always be located in the same place, but have different loot. Sign In. From Escape from Tarkov Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Loot Containers. Categories : Loot Containers Escape from Tarkov.

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Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History. This page was last edited on 2 Aprilat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.

All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. Cash registers are 1x2 slot loot containers that only contain Roubles. Bigger than the standard Cash registerhas a 2x2 grid that only spawns Roubles.Melee is a Combat skill in Escape from Tarkov. Sign In. From Escape from Tarkov Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch.

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Character skills. Stress Resistance. Assault Rifles. Designated Marksman Rifles. Heavy Machine Guns. Light Machine Guns.

Recoil Control. Submachine guns. Sniper Rifles. Underbarrel Launchers. Advanced Modding. First Aid. Weapon Modding.

Clean operations. Covert Movement. Field Medicine. Free Trading. Heavy Vests. Light Vests. Night Operations. Prone Movement. Shadow Connections. Silent Operations. Task Performance. Weapon Maintenance. Mag Drills.

do you lose melee weapon tarkov

Bear AK Systems. Bear Assault Operations.But picking up this hardcore shooter is a daunting task for even the most dedicated gamers.

In this guide series we will take you through your first hours in this game.

Category:Melee weapons

But before we start, a small disclaimer: EFT is still in beta so even the most fundamental gameplay mechanics may be subject to change. Escape From Tarkov is filled to the brim with items and the most important of all are weapons, of course. But picking your firepower can be a mini-game on itself.

This guide will give you a basic idea of what to expect from the different classes as well as the perfect tool for specific jobs. Ammo is arguably way more important than the weapon it is coming out of. Our full ammo guide is in the works, but for now this official ammo chart will have to do. Look for the required caliber and cross reference damage and penetration. Damage resembles how much a bullet damages an unarmored body part while penetration reflects what happens when you hit armor.

One of the cheapest ways of getting started in Escape from Tarkov is by bringing in a mere pistol or even just your melee weapon. It is however also a way to have zero risk of losing your gear, while being able to gain anything you find in raid. But even getting in killing range of a Scav — despite the occasional potato A. Killing another player with a melee weapon is virtually impossible.

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But getting into the zero to hero-zone is still possible: Just bring a pistol. For just a few thousand roubles extra you can get yourself some pretty decent guns. Shotguns are interesting; they devastate unarmored targets, but players usually run some protection, so then it loses some effectiveness. You could always go for the legs though because of damage distribution, but more on that in our upcoming dedicated healing guide. The SKS is a good example; with a round internal magazine and firing the high-powered 7.

The legendary Mosin Nagant I call it the death stick even punched through almost every piece of armor in the game. Most early-game weapons are semi-automatic, pump-action or bolt-action though. Not a bad thing per se, but sometimes what you need is just a whole bunch of lead down range as quickly as possible.

But the point is that appearances can be deceptive; a small MP5 may not seem that powerful, but with close to a thousand rounds per minute it can shred armor and the people wearing it quite easily.Each match or raid drops you into one of five maps where your main objective is to make it to one of the exit locations, alive and with as much loot as possible.


In the match you can encounter both AI enemies and other players, both of which will try to kill you. If you die you lose all the loot you entered the match with, and any you gathered along the way.

Depending on which map you select, there can be anywhere from 4 to 14 enemy players on the map, and they all have the same goal as you; gather as much loot as possible and make it out alive. This fundamental difference becomes incredibly important as it builds a persistent progression between each match.

This has the effect of increasing the tension in each match, as success or failure can have real -- long-lasting consequences for your character, and what was gained over the course of 10 hours can be lost in 10 seconds. This mix of frantic nail-biting tension coupled with incredibly rewarding victory, makes Escape from Tarkov a hugely addictive game that can leave you playing for hours into the night.

Escape from Tarkov offers you mainly two different modes of play, either as a Scav short for scavenger or a private military company PMC operative. From there the game is structured around raids, dropping you into a random location on the map of your choice and tasking you with making it out alive. PMC mode sees you risking your own gear in the raid, but allows you to complete quest objectives, gain experience towards a higher player level which will unlock more gear at tradersand higher attributes.

But the game is still in an unfinished state and in constant change. By the time the final release comes out there are supposed to be 10 different zones or raids available, right now only 5 of them are playable. If you chose to play during this beta period, expect to see a lot of bugs and at some point; lose all your gear and progress to server wipes. You level up in various attributes like Strength, Intelligence, Vitality, Health, Covert Movement, Perception, Charisma, and even affinity for weapon types as well as each individual weapon.

These attributes manifest in things like lower chance of bleeding, faster sprinting, better hearing, less mobility reduction from heavy equipment, less recoil and better handling with specific weapons, better prices with the traders, and a whole host of other advantages. Because of this, sticking to a single playstyle can be very beneficial over the long run. The RPG roots of Escape from Tarkov also manifests in the way the ballistics system in the game works; armors have a ranking 0 to 6 and reduce the damage received from bullets by a certain percentage less so with armor piercing rounds.

Unlike other shooters where everyone starts with relatively equal load-outs, in Escape from Tarkov your beginning lead-out is entirely dependent on what you had saved in your stash. Backpacks and tactical vests come in different shapes and sizes, some being much more valuable due to their ability to store larger magazines or long barrel weapons.

The game is structured around raids, each time you go out on one, you run the risk of loosing everything you had in your loadout if you die.

do you lose melee weapon tarkov

On the other hand, if you make it out alive, everything you gained is permanent unless you bring it out on the next raid and die. But at the same time, a skilled player with nothing but a pistol using armor-penetrating large caliber rounds can steal all your hard-earned gear with a single headshot.Escape from Tarkov features five skill categories that are trained through active use.

In short, the more you use a skill, the better you get at it. Every skill can be leveled up to level 51 elite levelthis level provides an extra ability linked to the skill. Designated Marksman Rifles.

Special skills are unique abilities that can only be unlocked by members of a specific faction. Almost all actions in Escape from Tarkov grant the player experience. For example killing, looting or quest completions. The table below shows the EXP required to level up and a cumulative total. Sign In.

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From Escape from Tarkov Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch.

do you lose melee weapon tarkov

Stress Resistance. Assault Rifles. Heavy Machine Guns. Light Machine Guns. Recoil Control. Submachine guns. Underbarrel Launchers. Advanced Modding. Weapon Modding. Clean operations. Covert Movement. Field Medicine.

Character skills

Night Operations. Prone Movement. Shadow Connections. Silent Operations. Task Performance. Weapon Maintenance.Please login or register. Vibe Vibrator King. I also want to add that I like that AI is somewhat of a threat, at least for my lowly geared self. Additional question: the noise that you make when you go through bushes, do other people hear it as well?

Xant Finnish Pony King. Quote from: Vexus on February 12,AM. Quote from: Vibe on February 12,AM. Meaning lies as much in the mind of the reader as in the Haiku. Vexus Count. That rush in, kill people, loot and off you go, shouldn't be a viable approach else every match would be full of rushers and that'd be boring imo.

I know there's npcs and player controlled npcs too, but that's not the same thing. Quote from: Vexus on February 12,PM. Quote from: Xant on February 12,PM.

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Find it odd you think I'm arguing with you lol. I'm just stating some concerns with the game from my limited knowledge of seeing others playing on youtube. Since they don't show everything, I had no idea about that rush viability and fixed spawn points.

So I stated some points in that regard. It was previously stated that having heavy gear makes you harder to die. So, while technically even a hatchet can kill them, it's not good odds. All I'm saying man lol. Golem Earl. Xant is right, but you are also a bit right. Plenty of times you get rushed from many directions at once. But that's just the benefit of teamwork. They'll be changing the medical system to be harder soon no more instant hotbar med spam aswell as persistent injuries across raids, and I think this is the one thing that will really change the pace of it.

There's some other changes too, like an animation for loading magazines etc, but not being able to heal while also running and shooting will be a big one. Quote from: Xant on July 26,AM.This guide will cover some information as to where you can find it, and how a lot of people ended up getting one for free.

In the December Twitch Drops event, people could link up their Escape from Tarkov account to Twitch and get some free in-game drops. Many people ended up getting a free Red Rebel Ice Pick this way. Normally this weapon would cost you around 3, Rubles to purchase in-game, so this was a pretty valuable drop. On the new map Reserve and the old map Woods, a cliff descent extract has been added. To take these extracts, you need a paracord in your container, no body armor, and a Red Rebel Ice Pick.

Right now there are only two extracts in the game that can use this, and the Cliff Descent extract on Reserve is definitely one of the best on the map for PMCs. This is the main reason why Red Rebel Ice Picks are going for so much money. Easy, right? Well, not everyone has 3, to spare, especially players who just got the game in the last couple of months.

Never pass up the opportunity to search through these big green crates, because they have a small chance to contain a Red Rebel Ice Pick. The crates can be found on Shoreline inside the broken house and Interchange inside the Kiba store. You can also find one on Customs inside the old gas station on a table.

This is not the easiest trade in the world, but you can find Fuel Conditioner and Dry Fuel in duffel bags, and Propane Tanks can be found in the Ollie store on Interchange. He can have it equipped to his melee slot or you can find it in his locked stash.

After you kill him, take his key and open his locked stash for a chance to find one or some other rare items as well.

Things you should know about Escape from Tarkov

When you do find one, take off your melee weapon and equip it! At that point, it cannot be looted off your body. Escape From Tarkov.