Compliments are one of the fastest and easiest ways to make someone feel better about themselves. I surveyed our friends, the internet, and social media and put together a list of amazing compliments guaranteed to make your friends, family, and peers smile.

I never saw the point of taking pictures until I met you. I want to keep our memories alive forever. Whenever I have a tough day, I remember you and it gives me strength and hope. Thank you for that. I never get tired of hearing your voice, your stories. I always want more. If you died or something happened to you, I would delete your browser history for you.

I love how precious and child-like you can be sometimes. You make me feel young again. Thank you for letting me experience what it feels like to find safety in another person.

Every day you are growing and evolving into a better, stronger version of who you were yesterday. Your passion for life has encouraged me to dream bigger, love harder, and find beauty everywhere.

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compliment words for photos

More From Thought Catalog. Get our newsletter every Friday! You're in! Follow Thought Catalog. Post to Cancel.Looking for the best Compliment Words for Photos? Want to Compliment your loved one or lover photos? You can try out my best list of one word compliments. A one word compliment for photo will pass the message you wanted to convey to your girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, husband, wife, brother, sister or partner. We have finally found someone who is able to take our family photos.

Your work is incredibly amazing. You did an amazing job; we love your work so much. You became part of the party, thank you for capturing the best moments, the photos are truly amazing.

I just wanted to let you know how beautiful our wedding photos were. You managed to capture so many pictures that highlight the moment. We were so amazed how you managed to capture so many special photos.

All our friends and family were amazed on how incredible the photos were. We really appreciate your work and will forever treasure the photos. We know we have found a family photographer. We look forward to your photography as you document other special occasions in our lives.

I had a second thought when I was hiring you to do my photography. Truly to your word, you did an outstanding job. I got the shots that I needed; you are truly an amazing photographer.

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Thank for such an amazing work, I look forward to working with you. Those who saw them were stunned by how beautiful they are. You are truly an amazing photographer.In Motivation. Beauty And Tips. Stunning means that it stands out from the crowd and it will get you noticed.

This word can be overused by some people, but used sparingly, it really holds a great deal of power. Majestic means royal, like a queen, so you are inferring noble qualities of an object or a person.

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A beautiful house could, for example, be majestic or a fantastic night out at a theatre or opera. If you were to compliment someone on their jewelry, then that could be magical or if a guy takes you out on an incredible date that could be magical. Elegant is sophisticated, dignified, graceful and perfect word to use for either a man or woman, who has made a real effort with their appearance.

A top of the range car could also be elegant though, so it can be applied to anything smart and sophisticated. Breathtaking is a phrase that can only be used in a few circumstances and, remember, it could be taken two ways, so be careful! Fascinating means they are interesting, as well as smart, and that you enjoy listening to what they have to say. Perfect can also be used negatively, when used with enough sarcasm, so make sure you get the tone right. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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View Post. No Comments Leave a Comment. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.Giving compliments isn't just a nice way to get someone's attention, it's also an easy way to make someone feel good and even make yourself feel good.

That being said, a lot of people probably receive compliments that sound the same over and over — especially if they have a particularly endearing quality. For the women of one Reddit thread, though, weeding out the best compliments they've ever gotten was easy. Honest and unique compliments. As a girl, you get a lot of generic ones, such as, "You have really pretty eyes" etc.

It's nice to hear, but if you go to enough bars, you hear it a lot. The first night I met my ex, we were casually talking outside a bar and he interrupted me to say, "You have a freckle on your neck.

Did you know that? It's rather cute. It was so unexpected and unique, yet showed he had been discreetly checking me out. I found it incredibly endearing. I don't think there is anything nicer than being called "gorgeous. I had a random guy in Memphis once stop me in the street to tell me I was the most gorgeous woman he'd ever seen.

compliment words for photos

I blushed and mumbled 'thanks' and stammered like a dipshit, and he just smiled at me and kept on walking. I was a little dressed up, but nothing spectacular, and sure hadn't been fishing for compliments. But that really made my day, the more so because he didn't follow it up by asking for my number or anything.

Just that. Thanks, random dude. From a stranger, best compliment was about how she enjoys seeing me when I'm at work: "You are always so happy and kind to people, it's like a big breath of fresh air when I walk into the building and see you here!

Last week I was with my boyfriend, his family and our friends in his living room. I made a comment about how I couldn't wait to get my makeup bag back after leaving it at a friends house for a week. He says, "You haven't worn make up all week? Damn, you are gorgeous! I feel like the best compliments are simple but just said at the right times. Had a professor yesterday ask me how old I was. I replied He looked surprised and said, "You carry yourself with much more maturity than that.

15 Words you can use to compliment someone's looks

This was a prof I was uber-intimidated by, who is rumored to be an elitist misogynistic asshole. I was dreading going to his office hours. It didn't exactly make me blush but I felt great for the rest of the day - westerrrr. From my fiance: On our one-year anniversary, he was opening a bottle of wine he'd been saving for over 5 years for a 'special occasion. Best thing I can think of. I'd be walking on air for daaays.Best Comments for Girls: Hey are you looking for best comments for girls prictures on Instagram or Facebook?

Look no further and take in a huge wave of positivity when you use these comments on a beautiful picture of girls on Instagram.

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There is an additional bonus to complimenting girls pictures on Instagram — it makes you feel good to say something nice to someone. Before you do anything think about what type of message you want to convey. Do you want to highlight her personality, her accomplishments or her looks? Keep in mind your relationship with a girl is very important when it comes to picking the right comment for her.

First, ask yourself how do you know this girl? Is she a potential love interest, a significant other, a girlfriend or maybe she is an unknown for you. Below are the different kinds of comments that you can give to a girl photo in many types of situation. Always try to use one that is appropriate for her. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Express Tricks. Skip to content. If your answer is Yes then you comes to the right place. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.In Dating tips. Beauty And Tips.

compliment words for photos

Guys love compliments as much as girls do, but gentlemen hardly ever get any or, at least, they get compliments a lot rarer than ladies do. Encouraged by you, he will try to prove that you are right! And, finally, the most important tip on how to compliment a guy is this: remember that your compliment should always be sincere and come straight from your heart, you need to really love and appreciate the person, whom you are showering with your praise.

Your eyes are as deep as the ocean, I can watch forever… well, this one is more for girls, but your man might still like it too :. Please feel free to comment and share your own tips on how to compliment a guy in the section below. I compliment my husband often and sincerely. I was just looking for some new ideas to encourage him and show my love.

This was a good article. One thing to add to the list though, is compliment his work.

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My husband loves it when I compliment him on how hard working and talented he is. I let him know that I appreciate him putting forth so much effort to take care of our family And provide for us.

It really makes him feel his worth as my man. Having read this I thought it was extremely enlightening. I appreciate you finding the time and energy to put this article together.

I once again find myself personally spending way too much time both reading and leaving comments. But so what, it was still worthwhile! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Compliments can be tricky business, even though by definition the whole point of them is to make another human feel good.

Despite your noble intentions, it can be hard to figure out how to give a good compliment. The fact of the matter is that not every compliment is a good one. Personally, I think we could all do better at being more mindful at how we talk about other people in general.

Between all the backhanded complimentssexist complimentsracist commentsdefinitely anti body positivity complimentsand street harassment disguised as compliments in existence, it seems like the time to talk about why seemingly innocent remarks can sometimes be received less than warmly.

I'll never forget when my mom told me that my haircut made me look like a certain singer. I was feeling so fresh, so modern, and super babely with my new do, and the celeb she compared me to was not my idea of stylish. Although she meant well — and really does love that singer's hair — it made me feel kind of crummy and not confident in the way I looked. Being super sensitive about being a fat girl with a shorter haircut and not being my most confident self at that time, it just hit a tender little spot.

We laughed about it later, but it totally deflated my new haircut high in the moment. It might sound silly, but we really can't ever know what's going on with someone or what connotations certain words and expressions have for them. If we're truly trying to make someone feel good about themselves, we should want to do everything within our power to ensure that happens.

Compliments based on appearance often seem like a gray area, but the key is sticking to things that are within the person's control and that appeal to their creativity or skills. Simple and generic is also good! When was the last time someone got mad because you simply told them they look great? When you choose to give kudos to someone's skillful makeup application or the way they put their outfit together, it's way better than complimenting their "huge cans" or "teeny tiny waist.

My vision in putting that skirt with that jacket? All me. Here are nine killer compliments that are bound to make anyone feel good. This not only shows that you like the duds your complimentee is sporting right now, but that you've been noticing and appreciating their style for a while. What's better than just being told your hair looks nice?

Knowing that your pal digs the look so much that they want to wear it on their own head.

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When we're feeling good about ourselves, it tends to show in our body language. If you notice your friend has a little pep in their step, an extra compliment will probably reaffirm those good feels.

A good face of makeup is usually about more than just "looking nice. Give the person their dues! I think we've all woken up on the wrong side of the bed and taken "you look great today" to mean: "Hey, you don't look as shitty as you usually do: Congrats!

A lovely glow is rarely just about a good highlighter and moisturizer combo although it definitely can be about those things. Complimenting someone's "glow" is like a way of saying, "I see your beauty and also how good you're feeling about life.

Whether their life is truly blessed at the moment or they just look like it is, this is always a nice thing to hear.